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The 17th National Bible Quiz Finals took place August 14-15, 1979 in Baltimore, Maryland covering the book of John. Terry Carter was the National Coordinator. The event took place at several different hotels in the downtown area and with on-time points (10) still being the rule this caused a certain amount of chaos among the teams!

The event was won by Canal Street A/G, New Orleans, LA which finished with only one loss. The second place team was Calvary Temple A/G, Riverside, CA which finished second for the second year in a row and would go on to finish second in 1980 and establish a record for second place finishes in consecutive years.

The team from Canal Street A/G, New Orleans, LA was not the same church which had won National Finals in 1971 (First A/G New Orleans), but this victory, combined with First A/G, New Orleans eventual 3 victories, means that the city of New Orleans had produced the most National Champions until 2007 when Briargate won their fourth national championship. The team from Canal Street A/G, New Orleans, LA was comprised of only 3 persons, but this did not prevent them from victory. Their only loss came at the hands of the defending National Champions from Evangel Temple A/G, Decatur, GA in the first round where they lost by 200 points. Undeterred, the champions went on to win 6 straight matches and claim the 1st place trophy.

The top quizzer at the 1979 National Finals was Rhett Laurens of Evangel Temple A/G, Decatur, GA. Rhett was in the second of four National Finals in which he would place among the top 6 scorers - a record to this day. Mark Gilmer, also of Evangel Temple A/G, Decatur, GA, was also among the top 6 scorers marking the second consecutive year this team had placed 2 quizzers among the top 6. Also, Greg Kelley of Northridge A/G, Dayton, OH, later a National Finals coach with Montgomery AL, placed among the top 6 for the second consecutive year.

Complete records for this event, including round by round scores and top quizzers, are available on this site. However, the actual scores of the top 6 quizzers are unknown. If you have any information related to this please e-mail