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The 24th National Bible Quiz Finals took place August 14-16, 1986 in Springfield, Missouri at Central Assembly of God covering the books of First and Second Corinthians. Barry Kolanowski was the National Coordinator and Kari Brodin was the official question writer.

Since expansion from 8 teams to 16 teams, this was the first year in which a complete round-robin was played. In 1984 and 1985, the top two teams from each of two divisions of eight played-off for the national championship.

The event was won by First A/G, Tempe, AZ (pictured). They had been second in 1985 after losing in a playoff. They would go on to win again in 1987. The second place team was First A/G, Hibbing, MN winning in a playoff against Evangel A/G, Decatur, GA.

This marked the sixth year in which the Southwest region won nationals and marked the beginning of a four-year streak.

The top scorer at the 1986 National Finals was Nicole Brandon of Woodlake A/G, Tulsa, OK. David Lowe of Evangel A/G, Wichita, KS was second and Angela Carson of Decatur Georgia was third. Teri Hayward of Tempe, AZ won the individual tournament.

Complete records for this event, including round by round scores, are available on this site. We also have the top 20 individual scorers and the full list of individual tournament rounds.