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The 36th National Bible Quiz Finals took place July 7-10, 1998 in Springfield, Virginia at Word of Life Assembly of God covering the books of Romans and James. Rich Percifield was the National Coordinator and Rick Faulkner was the official question writer.

Greens Bayou A/G, Houston, TX

This was also the third of four years in which 24 teams were invited to participate and where all teams play in a full round-robin.

The national championship was won by Greens Bayou A/G, Houston, TX (pictured). The second place team was Bethel A/G, Bryan, TX. The third place team was Grace A/G, Syracuse, NY

This marked the third overall year in which the South Central region has won nationals.

The participants in the 1998 National Finals included past National Champions from Grace A/G, Syracuse, NY (1996), Allison Park A/G, Allison Park, PA (1995) and Park Crest A/G, Springfield, MO (1992). Both Syracuse and Allison Park provided strong competition as they finished third and fourth respectively.

The top scorer at the 1998 National Finals was Kent Piacenti of Greens Bayou A/G, Houston, TX. Kent's per quiz average of 132.83 was far above all previous top scores at National Finals. He was in the midst of three consecutive top scorer victories (having tied Jeremy Horn in 1997), and he would shatter his own record in the 1999 finals the next year. He continued his dominance by winning the individual tournament as well. This was the last year in which the individual tournament consisted of one-on-one matches.

This was the last year in which the scholarship quiz took place at the banquet. In years following this, the scholarship quiz was replaced with the East-West quiz. Participants in the quiz included the top quizzers from the 1st and 2nd place teams, the top quizzer overall and the winner of the one-on-one. Kent Piacent and Aaron Collins finished first and second in all of those categories, so the next highest top quizzer, Valerie Marchalonis, participated as well as the third place finished in the one-on-one, Tika Daigle. Winning the scholarship quiz was Kent, with Aaron, Valerie and Tika finishing second, third and fourth, respectively.

This year also marked the first time that two quizzers finished first and second in every possible category. Kent Piacenti was on the first place team, the top quizzer, winner of the one-on-one and the scholarship quiz while Aaron Collins was second in all of those categories. This feat would be duplicated in 2004 (except the scholarship quiz did not exist).

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