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The 37th National Bible Quiz Finals took place August 3-6, 1999 in Lakeland, Florida at Southeastern College covering the books of Acts. Bernie Elliot was the acting National Coordinator (made official during the awards ceremony) and Monica Batty was the official question writer. This was the last year in which one writer would write league questions and the league writer from the previous year wrote the district, regional and national questions. Bryan Martindale wrote league questions this year, but the official writing team took over in 1999 and wrote until 2004.

Orange Hills A/G, Orange, CA

This was also the last year in which 24 teams were invited to participate and where all teams play in a full round-robin.

The national championship was won by Orange Hills A/G, Orange, CA (pictured). For the first time since 1978, when only eight teams played, Orange was undefeated. The three quizzers on the team placed 1st, 5th and 15th. Their team average, 278.48 points per game, and margin of victory, 242.39 points per game, are records to this day. Three teams tied for second place. In the first playoff round, Grace A/G, Syracuse, NY beat Mountain View A/G, Las Vegas, NV. In the second round Christian Chapel, Tulsa, OK beat Grace A/G, Syracuse, NY.

Every member of Orange Hills was involved with multiple championship teams. Coach Greg House also coached the national champions in 1993, 2003, 2006 and 2007. Assistant coach Mel Aou was assistant coach in 1993 and coach in 2002 of the national champions. Kent Piacenti was on the 1998 championship team. Ricky Haney would be on the 2002 championship team. David Dorey would be on the 2002, 2003 and 2004 championship teams, being high scorer as well in 2004.

This marked the eleventh overall year in which the Southwest region has won nationals.

The top scorer at the 1999 National Finals was Kent Piacenti of Orange Hills A/G, Orange, CA. Kent's per quiz average was 152.17, higher than any team but his own. This broke his record of 132.83 from the previous year. This was also his third consecutive top scorer victory (having tied Jeremy Horn in 1997). Kent also tied his previous record of 22 quiz outs, however this year he did not quiz out backward at all. In addition, 16 of those quiz outs were perfect games. These are all records to this day (noting that in 2006, Jon Galliers quizzed out in every round, however, Kent's raw number of quiz outs is still greater).

Capping off his complete dominance of the individual activities, Kent also won the individual tournament. In the final round, Kent interrupted and answered a question asking for the fourteen parenthetical statements in Acts, requiring him to speak for 29 seconds. This was the second year that Kent won this. In prior years, the individual tournament was run like a one-on-one. This year six quizzers competed and the top three moved on to the next room.

This was also the first year for the East-West quiz. The top four cumulative quizzers from the "East" regions (NE, SE, GL, GU) played against the top four cumulative quizzers from the "West" regions (NW, SW, NC, SC). The West won and did not lose a single East-West quiz until 2008.

Complete records for this event, including team photos, round by round scores and top quizzers, are available on this site. To view a larger image of the program cover, please select the image at left. If you have any additional information, please e-mail