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The 38th National Bible Quiz Finals took place July 9-14, 2000 in Lafayette, Indiana at First Assembly of God covering the books of Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Philemon. Bernie Elliot was the National Coordinator and Greg House, Dan Smith, Rick Faulkner and Tim Bahra were the official question writers. This was the first year in which the official writing team wrote questions. In previous years, one writer would write league questions and the league writer from the previous year wrote the district, regional and national questions. This year was an experiment to see if having a fixed team of writers for both leagues and official competition would work.

Mountain View A/G, Las Vegas, NV

This was also the first year in which 40 teams were invited to participate. On the first day, the second through fifth place teams from each region competed in four separate divisions. The top three in each division joined the eight regional champions in the championship division. The other twenty teams played each other in the challenger division.

The championship division was won by Mountain View A/G, Las Vegas, NV. The second place team was Radiant Church, Colorado Springs, CO. The third place team was Central A/G, Springfield, MO. The challenger division was won by Cornerstone A/G, Fremont, NC.

This marked the second consecutive and twelfth overall year in which the Southwest region has won nationals.

The top scorer at the 2000 National Finals was Dan Marlow of Overland Park, KS. Dan's per quiz average was 107.89. Within an average of 13 points per game were Valerie Marchalonis, Jordan Schneider and Joey Bohanon from the first, second and third place teams respectively.

The individual tournament was won by Jordan Schneider of Colorado Springs, CO. The quoting bee was won by David Womelsdorf of Cedar Hill, TX. The west won their second consecutive east-west quiz.

Complete records for this event, including round by round scores and top quizzers, are available on this site. To view a larger image of the program cover, please select the image at left. We do not have any team photos for this year. If you do, please e-mail