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Victorious Life Church, Wesley Chapel, FL

The 48th National Bible Quiz Finals took place July 5-9, 2010 in Troy, Michigan at the Marriott Hotel covering epistles of 1 and 2 Corinthians. Bernie Elliot was the National Coordinator and Richard Ely was the official question writer. This was the fourth year in which Richard wrote questions, having previously written from 2005 to 2007.

The national championship was won by Victorious Life Church, Wesley Chapel, FL (pictured). This was the first win for an eastern region since 1997 and the first win for the Southeast region since 1991, when Wesley Chapel's coach, Joshua Weber, was on a team from Lakeland, FL that won back-to-back nationals.

This year a new format was used to determine the national champion. The top four teams at the end of the regular round-robin were seeded 1 through 4 in a Final Four playoff match. Those teams were: 1. Owasso, OK, 2. Garfield, NJ, 3. Wesley Chapel, FL, 4. Bothell, WA. On Thursday morning, Owasso beat Bothell and Wesley Chapel beat Garfield in the semi-final matches. Garfield then beat Bothell for third place and Wesley Chapel beat Owasso for the championship. The matches were streamed over the internet and can be seen by clicking the "memories" link above.

The challenger division was won by First A/G of Greater Lansing, East Lansing, MI, who tied with First A/G, Montgomery, AL in the round-robin but beat them in head-to-head competition.

This marks the seventh overall year in which the Southeast region has won nationals. In addition to Wesley Chapel coach, Joshua Weber, former national champion Mark Gilmer, from Decatur, GA (now Snellville) was in attendance as well.

The top scorer at the 2010 National Finals was Abby Rogers from Wesley Chapel, FL. This marks the second consecutive and fifth overall top scorer from the Southeast region (one of those being her coach, Joshua Weber, in 1992). This was also the first time a female has been top quizzer since 1995. Abby's per quiz average was 118.16. Second high scorer was James Lex from Cumming, GA. James was last year's second high scorer as well. Jacob Wyatt from Champaign, IL was third high scorer. Rounding out the top five were brothers Daniel Wagner (4th) and Jesse Wagner (5th) who finished only five points apart.

The individual tournament was won by Abby Rogers as well. This was the tenth time the individual tournament was won by a member of the national championship team. To finish up her complete domination of the individual quizzing this year, Abby also won the quoting bee. To top it all off, on Friday Abby coached the team that won the adult quiz competition.

While there was no official east-west at the banquet, hundreds of people crowded into a very small room after the banquet to watch a best 2 out of 3 East vs. West series. The first two rounds were split by east and west, using unused playoff sets by Richard Ely. The final game was won by the West on a set written by Central A/G coach Richard Fair consisting of 10 20's and 10 30's. The 20's were normal 20's, but the 30's were extremely hard, culminating in graduating senior James Lex quoting all of 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 in just under 30 seconds. The first match started around 10 PM and the last one finished just before 1 AM! We are in the process of getting videos from these matches.

Complete records for this event, including round by round scores and top quizzers, are available on this site. Team photos are available for purchase from Larry Mullins. Following 2011 national finals, these images will become available on this site.