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James River A/G, Ozark, MO

The 51st National Bible Quiz Finals took place June 30-July 4, 2013 in Chicago, Illinois at the Hyatt Regency Hotel covering the Gospel of Matthew. Bernie Elliot was the National Coordinator and Kent Kloefkorn was the official question writer.

The national championship was won by James River A/G, Ozark, MO (pictured). This was first year since 1992, that the Gulf Region has won nationals. It was also the second national championship for coach John Porter, the other being in 1995. James River finished fourth in the regular round robin, but came from behind in the two Final Four games to win both on the last question. This church has also had a very impressive run at nationals since 2005, finishing in the top five every year. This is the third win for the state of Missouri and the seventh win for the Gulf region.

This was the fourth year the Final Four format was used to determine the national champion. Finishing second in the Final Four and competing in the championship game for the fourth year in a row was Owasso, OK. Third place went to Bothell, WA and fourth place went to Bellevue, WA.

The challenger division was won by Evangel Church, Kansas City, MO.

The top scorer at the 2013 National Finals was Abby Rogers from Cedar Park Church, Bothell, WA. This marks the fourth consecutive year for her, breaking a record set in 1999 by Kent Piacenti. Abby's per quiz average was 137.89, the second-highest average in history. Second high scorer was Daniel Wagner from Owasso, OK. Joseph Chacra from Mt. Pocono, PA placed third (this was identical to the top three from 2012). Rounding out the top five were Devon Colegrove from Ozark, MO and Samuel Pryer from White Cloud, MI.

The individual tournament was won by Daniel Wagner, his third win. Abby won the title of quoting bee champion for the third year.

The east-west took place on Wednesday afternoon and the East won. In addition, an unofficial quiz, dubbed the "Match of Death", with very hard, unusual and funny questions took place after the banquet featuring eight top quizzers. Video will be posted in the memories section soon.

Complete records for this event, including round by round scores and top quizzers, are available on this site. Team photos are available for purchase from Larry Mullins. Bios for each team who sent them in are available by clicking on the "Participants" link above.