Post Nationals Stats

Published: Jul 8, 2012 by Joey Bohanon

Nationals is over, and championships have been won. I wanted to mention a few special statistics that I compiled (with the help of Seth Sundell and Larry Mullins). Now that we use Larry’s program to do the stats, he can easily provide question-by-question breakdowns, so I know how many rooms each question was answered correctly in. Due to some problems with the program on the first day, challenger stats are not included here.

The first stat I wanted to look up was questions that only one person got correctly. This is to show off the extra work that each of these quizzers did, in order to be the only quizzer in the country to answer correctly. This was true of only 5 questions in the regular rounds:

Set 2, Question 20 answered only by Kenadee Schrock:
2 PRQ, 6PA for 20 Points.
The word ‘chosen’ is used to describe whom and what?

Set 4, Question 11 answered only by Daniel Wagner:
2PRQ, 5PA for 20 Points.
What are punished and who are punished?

Set 7, Question 16 answered only by Joshua George:
16 PA for 30 Points.
What ‘let us’ commands are found?

Set 14, Question 14 answered only by Abby Rogers:
2PSTQ, Give 8 Complete Answers for 30 Points.
How does Hebrews and Peter instruct us to treat “one another?”

Set 17, Question 5 answered only by Hannah Quick:
I don’t have the full question here, but it was the one with a long statement asking you to quote the verses mentioning “drifting away”, “turning away” and “falling away”.

The last one kind of surprised me, but perhaps quizzers were put off by the incredibly long statement.

Then there were questions that no one answered correctly:

Set 1, Question 5:
2PRQ, 9PA for 30 Points.
Who will be destroyed and what will be destroyed?

Set 2, Question 5:
4PA for 20 Points.
Bear what?

Set 4, Question 4:
Statement and Essence Question. Six Part Answer. Four verses mention preaching the gospel, one verse mentions preaching the word and one verse mentions preaching righteousness.
Give these verses.

Set 5, Question 3:
8PA for 30 Points.
What was promised?

Set 10, Question 4 (not even attempted):
Statement and Question 8 Part Answer.
I don’t have the exact wording, but it was basically asking for what was inherited.

Set 10, Question 6:
Statement and Essence Question. Six Part Answer. From Hebrews 5, 6 and 7.
Again, I don’t have the exact wording, but it’s basically all the verses with the word “forever”.

Set 12, Question 8:
2PRQ, 11PA. 30 Points.
Asked for the blood of whom and of what.

Set 16, Question 10:
10PA. 30 Points.
Which spirits are mentioned?

Set 17, Question 11 (not attempted):
2PRQ. I don’t remember how many answers:
Who was sprinkled and what was sprinkled?

As for other stats, the highest number of quiz-outs was 18, by Abby Rogers.
(Fortunately, no one broke the backward quiz-out record, which stands at 14 out of 19.)

The best 10 point quizzer can be measured in several ways. Lots of quizzers were perfect on 10s because they hit very few of them. If we go by percentage, among those who answered 10 or more, we have:

Josh Gallo: 10-0 (100%)
Isaac Ward: 15-1 (93.75%)
Aaron Smith: 35-3 (92.11%)

Makena Schrock: 28-3 (90.32%)

On this stat, I think Aaron was the best because he had the most questions answered. We could also go by sheer number of correct 10s, ignoring incorrect answers. Usually, I would ignore this, but a few of the numbers stand out to me:

Devon Colegrove: 52-15 (77.61%)
Aaron Scarinzi: 70-17 (80.46%)
Chase Hill: 57-26 (68.67%)
Amanda Persaud: 60-28: (68.18%)

Based on this, I’d go with another Aaron (Scarinzi). He also clearly led the field in terms of points earned on 10s, with 615 (the next closest was Amanda with 460).

No quizzer broke 90% on 20s except those who answered very few of them.
Two were at least 85% though:

Abby Rogers: 55-7 (88.71%)
Devon Colegrove: 34-6 (85%)

Seven quizzers answered more that 50 20s correctly:

Abby Rogers: 55-7 (88.71%)
Daniel Wagner: 56-11 (83.58%)
Joseph Chacra: 55-17 (76.39%)
Kyler Sederwall: 50-10 (83.33%)
Joshua George: 56-18 (75.68%)
Hudson Kelley: 67-21 (76.15%)
Samuel Pryor: 54-31 (63.53%)

Based on both of these, Abby takes the title. Although Hudson’s 67 corrects is very impressive. He also has the highest raw points earned, with 1130. Abby had 1030 and Daniel had 1010.

On 30s, Abby stands essentially alone. She went 35-5, for an 87.5% average. Kyler Sederwall was the next closest, going 13-3, for an 81.25% average. She was the only quizzer to answer more than 35 correctly. Daniel Wagner was the next with 26. In terms of raw points, she earned 975 on 30s, beating the next people tied at 615 (Daniel and Joseph Chacra).

Abby also led the overall accuracy field among those answering more than just a few questions, with 89%.

Here’s a few team stats:

Best percentage on 10s:
Binghamton, NY: 85-18 (82.52%)

Other teams above 80% were Bellevue, Owasso, South Bend and Wesley Chapel. Owasso had the most points from 10s, with 770, but just barely (Binghamton had 760).

Best percentage on 20s:
Wesley Chapel: 82-17 (82.83%)

That was the only team to break 80%. In terms of raw points, Owasso had the most with 1690. Garfield had 1600, and James River had 1590.

Best percentage on 30s: Wesley Chapel: 37-5 (88.10%)

This was largely because of Abby, though. Wesley Chapel also had way more points than any other team on 30s.

Overall, Wesley Chapel was also the only team to break 80% accuracy. Also breaking 75% was Bellevue, Binghamton, Garfield and Owasso.