1964 National Finals

The 2nd National Bible Quiz Finals took place August 17-21, 1964 in Springfield, MO covering the books of 1,2 Corinthians. Donald F. Johns was the official question writer.

The event was won by Burlington A/G, Burlington, NC marking the second consecutive year the Southeast won the championship. The second place team was East Gary A/G, East Gary, IN.

We have nearly complete results from this even as well as pictures of almost all matches and all teams. We are missing some small data items like who coached some of the teams. We also have one recollection written by Joyce Lufkin from Winthrop, WA.



Rank Team Record Total Pts Avg Pts Margin Avg Margin
1 Burlington A/G, Burlington, NC 3-0 580 193.33 235 78.33
2 East Gary A/G, East Gary, IN 2-1 460 153.33 -25 -8.33
3 Winthrop, WA 1-1 305 149.5 -40 -20
3 Full Gospel Chapel, Denver, CO 1-1 335 167.5 10 5
5 Conway, AR 0-1 80 80 -115 -115
5 Little York A/G, Houston, TX 0-1 180 180 -15 -15
5 Bonesteel, SD 0-1 120 120 -20 -20
5 First A/G, Lanaconing, MD 0-1 160 160 -30 -30


The second National Bible Quiz Tournament in 1964 did not announce the top quizzers. The tournament was single elimination meaning that the maximum number of quizzes a team could play was 3. Therefore, it is difficult to determine who was the top quizzer. James Johnson of Burlington A/G, Burlington, NC, was the captain and top scorer of the team which won the tournament.


Great Lakes Region

  • Church: East Gary A/G, East Gary, IN
  • Pastor: Denver L. Baker
  • Team:
    • Donna Cox (Captain)
    • Barbara Hendrickson
    • Connie Wagoner

Gulf Region

  • Church: Conway, AR

North Central Region

  • Church: Bonesteel, SD

Northeast Region

  • Church: First A/G, Lonaconing, MD

Northwest Region

  • Church: Wintrop A/G, Winthrop, WA
  • Pastor: Leo Barrans
  • Coach: Lola Lufkin
  • Team:

South Central Region

  • Church: Little York A/G, Houston, TX

Southeast Region

  • Church: Burlington A/G, Burlington, NC
  • Coach: Howard Bundy
  • Team:
    • James Johnson (Captain)
    • Joe Johnson
    • Shirley Lindley
    • Audrey Temple

Southwest Region

  • Church: Full Gospel Chapel, Denver, CO
  • Team:
    • Dave Eland
    • Nancy Eland
    • Rich Peterson



Burlington vs. Conway

Burlington vs. Conway

Denver vs. Lonaconing

Denver vs. Lonaconing

East Gary vs. Bonesteel

East Gary vs. Bonesteel

'>Winthrop vs. Houston

Winthrop vs. Houston

Burlington vs. Winthrop

Burlington vs. Winthrop

East Gary vs. Denver

East Gary vs. Denver