1971 National Finals

The 9th National Bible Quiz Finals took place August 17-18, 1971 in Kansas City, Missouri covering the book of Matthew. Current A/G Superintendent George O. Wood was the official question writer.

The event was won by First A/G, New Orleans, LA. The second place team was Centerville A/G, Centreville, VA. The championship was decided in a playoff between these two teams.

While the complete list of participants, as well as the round by round schedule, is known, we do not possess any of the round by round information. Top scorer information is also unknown.



The 1st place winner from the 1971 National Bible Quiz Tournament was First A/G, New Orleans, LA. Second place went to Centerville A/G, Centreville, VA. While we have complete records of the participants and the schedule, we don’t have records of the results.


Top scorers for the 1971 National Bible Quiz Finals are unknown.


Great Lakes Region

  • Church: First A/G, Warren, OH
  • Pastor: Herbert Eicher
  • Coach: ?
  • Team:
    • Doug Davis
    • Nancy Everett
    • Betty Frear
    • Penny Hibbs
    • Barry Latimer
    • Joe Mantorani

Gulf Region

  • Church: First A/G, New Orleans, LA
  • Pastor: Marvin Gorman
  • Coach: Lynette Goux
  • Team:
    • Bonnie Bands
    • Mary Guterin
    • Gail McDaniel
    • Gayeltte Richarson
    • Jimmy Simons
    • Jimmy Stephens

North Central Region

  • Church: First A/G, Newton, IA
  • Pastor: W.C. Hamilton
  • Coach: Gretta Ryhkoek
  • Team:
    • Barry Jorris
    • Joe Jorris
    • Becky Peterson
    • Phil Ryhkoek
    • Becky Thompson
    • Rick Thompson

Northeast Region

  • Church: Centerville A/G, Centreville, VA
  • Pastor: William G. Mizzelle
  • Coaches: Joel and Ann Grizzle
  • Team:
    • Mary Ann Chambers
    • Marke Rawlings
    • Jackie Whorton
    • Linda Whorton

Northwest Region

  • Church: Evangel Temple, Seattle, WA
  • Pastor: Walter Buck
  • Coach: Dave Tonn
  • Team:
    • Glen Anderson
    • Mike Drew
    • Sheila Hamlette
    • Lauri Leichty
    • Marion Mallett
    • Bruce Tanke

South Central Region

  • Church: Bethel A/G, Arlington, TX
  • Pastor: Charles E. Savage
  • Coach: Loyal Applegate
  • Team:
    • Debbie Harrelson
    • Darius Johnston
    • Dian Johnston
    • Elwyn Johnston
    • Danita Tate
    • Donna Watson

Southeast Region

  • Church: Bethel Temple, Tampa, FL
  • Pastor: Gordon H. Matheny
  • Coach: Aubrey Lampp
  • Team:
    • Kandace Anderson
    • Jeff Bass
    • Rick Cagle
    • Debbie Carlson
    • David Lingle
    • Yvonne Thompson

Southwest Region

  • Church: First A/G, Lodi, CA
  • Pastor: Harold W. Duncan
  • Coach: ?
  • Team:
    • Doug Duncan
    • Linda Flaloe
    • Diana Mahl
    • Sherrie Mahl
    • Charlene Schlute