1974 National Finals

The 12th National Bible Quiz Finals took place in the summer of 1974 in Springfield, Missouri at Central Assembly of God covering the books of I and II Thessalonians, I and II Peter. James. H.H. “Spud” DeMent was the National Coordinator.

The event was won by Brookfield A/G, Brookfield, MO (pictured). The second place team was from the Great Lakes region, but we do not know the name of the church.

The top scorer at the 1974 National Finals was Jesse Hykes of First A/G, Elizabeth, NJ.

We know nearly nothing about this event.



Aside from the top two teams, no final team results are known.


The top scorer of the 1974 national finals was Jesse Hykes of Elizabeth, NJ. However, the remainder of the top scorers are as yet unknown.


Great Lakes Region

No information is known.

Gulf Region

No information is known.

North Central Region

  • Church: First A/G, Brookfield, MO
  • Pastor: John Primrose
  • Coach: Janet Robinson
  • Team:
    • David Barnes
    • Richard Ketchum
    • Daniel Barnes
    • Carol Francis
    • Jeanna Jenkins
    • John Primrose

Northeast Region

  • Church: First A/G, Elizabeth, NJ
  • Pastor: ?
  • Coach: ?
  • Team:
    • Jesse Hykes
    • ?

Northwest Region

No information is known.

South Central Region

No information is known.

Southeast Region

No information is known.

Southwest Region

No information is known.