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The 18th National Bible Quiz Finals took place August 12-14, 1980 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at Faith Tabernacle covering the book of Romans. Terry Carter was the National Coordinator.

The event was won by Bigelow A/G, Bigelow, AR (pictured) after an unprecedented 4-way tie for first place at the end of round-robin play. The second place team was Calvary Temple A/G, Riverside, CA which finished second for the third year in a row - a record that would not be broken until Bothell, WA did so in 2009. The other teams tied with these at the end of regulation and finishing third and fourth respectively were Trinity A/G, Lanham, MD and Stone Church, Palos Heights, IL.

The team from Bigelow A/G, Bigelow, AR was composed entirely of young ladies and their victory was the second consecutive win for the Gulf region and the first (and only to date) win for the state of Arkansas. The Bigelow team had to win it the hard way by first defeating Stone Church, Palos Heights, IL in one playoff while Calvary Temple A/G, Riverside, CA defeated Trinity A/G, Lanham, MD in the other playoff. A final playoff victory over Riverside gave Bigelow the first place trophy.

The top quizzer at the 1980 National Finals was Billy Muniz of Calvary Temple A/G, Riverside, CA. This was a highly contested honor as a mere 70 points separated the top 5 quizzers. Keith Short from Riverside was also among the top 6 as he placed 5th. Sadly, Riverside was unable to win the tournament as they placed second for the third consecutive year and thus became known as one of the greatest teams never to win National Finals

Complete records for this event, including round by round scores and top quizzers, are available on this site. We also have scans of seven scoresheets for the Tampa, FL team in the memories section. If you have any additional information please e-mail biblequiz@me.com. In the "Memories" section we have a recollection written by a member of the Bigelow team. To view a larger image of the program cover, please select the image at left.