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The 28th National Bible Quiz Finals took place August 6-10, 1990 in Springfield, MO at Central Assembly of God covering the epistles of James and Romans. Dick Van Huss was the National Coordinator and Bryan Turner was the official question writer.

The event was won by Carpenter's Home Church, Lakeland, FL for the first of two consecutive years. The second place team was Park Crest A/G, Springfield, MO who would go on to win in 1992.

The 1990 field contained three past and two future National Champions. In addition to Lakeland, the past champions included Renton A/G, Renton, WA in 1981 and Evangel Community Church, Centerville, GA in 1963,1976 and 1978 (the church had changed names and locations over the years from Bouldercrest to Decatur to Centerville). The future champions included Parkcrest A/G, Springfield, MO in 1992, and Allison Park A/G, Allison Park, PA in 1995. It should also be noted that members of the team from Buena Park would win Nationals in 1993 as Life Center A/G, Lakewood, CA.

The top scorer at the 1990 National Finals was Brian Gibbons of Moosic, PA. The individual tournament was won by Kevin Revell of Lakeland, FL and the runner-up was Brian Gibbons.

Partial records for this event, including round by round scores, are available on this site. However, regarding the top quizzers, beyond the top scorer and the top 2 individual tournament winners, details are unknown. If you have any information related to this please e-mail biblequiz@me.com.To view a larger image of the program cover, please select the image at left.