A Foundation for Christmas

Published: Dec 22, 2012 by James Lex

Earlier this week, I was at the dentist and noticed the Newsweek magazine pictured to the right. As I started reading the cover story, carefully and cleverly written by a famous agnostic, I was completely unshaken by the doubt and uncertainty he was injecting into the Christmas story. I was unshaken because I knew the real story.

Of all the years to be a part of Teen Bible Quiz, this is the only one where your quizzers can memorize the authentic Christmas story in the Bible. They will know the true account and not some fabrication made up by marketers or theologians. Most importantly, they will know the truth and take it with them everywhere they go. As a coach, this gives me the greatest joy.

Thank you for discipling your quizzers in the Word. Enjoy your Christmas, and have a Happy New Year!