Application Questions - Free

League Meets contains two Application Questions every round. Questions will be released sometime in August.

For new teams, memorizing all Application Questions guarantees at least two questions can be answered every round.

Recommended for all teams competing at League Meets.

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Basic Five - $70

Basic practice questions that every coach needs to help their students prepare for the meets and tournaments in Championship, Contender, and XP5. 

The Basic Five includes:

  • Chapter Analysis
  • Chapter Sampler Questions
  • Contender Study Questions
  • Phrase Questions
  • Progressive Sets

Duplication allowed within a single church. 

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League Practice Questions - $50

50 sets of practice questions for Championship quizzers.

Questions are written by the official Championship league writer.

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Contender Practice Questions - $30

40 sets of practice questions for Contender quizzers.

Questions were written by the official Contender Quiz and XP5 league writer.

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Study Guide - $15


  • Commentary for the season
  • Discipleship Award Requirements
  • Application Questions for the season

For Experience teams, there are additional assets that can supercharge your team!

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District/Regional/National Practice Questions

Designed for Championship league teams ready to compete at the highest level, the “DRN” Practice Questions are written by the official Championship league writer to prepare teams for specific question types and difficulty for Districts, Regionals, and Nationals.

This product is created in December/January near the end of the season to be ready for the final competitions of the season.

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