Monday Wrap-up

Published: Jul 1, 2013 by Joey Bohanon

This is just a quick wrap-up of nationals through Monday night. Results can be found here. Of particular note, is that the two teams I mentioned as “shoe-ins” for the Final Four each have one loss. Right now, James River and Bellevue remain the only undefeated teams.

I saw Bothell’s top team several times in the prelims and they looked quite good. James River had a very good game in my room against Central. Unfortunately, I will not see either Owasso or the top Bothell team in the regular rounds.

Abby leads the top scorer field again, but not by an insurmountable lead.

We tested out streaming for a few matches in my room and it worked just fine, so I can pretty confidently say that we will be streaming the final activities on Wednesday and Thursday. If at all possible, we will stream BOTH semi-final matches, the third and first place games, plus the finals of the individual tournament and the quoting bee as well as parts of the banquet.