Wednesday Preview

Published: Jul 2, 2013 by Joey Bohanon

The purpose of this post is to let people know the possible outcomes on Wednesday morning and what it means for the Final Four. At this point, any team with more than 7 losses is mathematically eliminated from contention. Right now the only scenario in which a team with seven losses can make the top bracket would be if they win all the games, James River and Spring lose all four games tomorrow and the second Bothell loses at least two of their games. That creates a tie with seven losses.

There are six teams with less than seven losses. Putting aside the scenario above, I’ll mention the schedules for each of them and how they can make the Final Four.

Currently in sixth place is Bothell’s second team, who beat their first team (a deja vu moment for connoisseurs of Bible Quiz history). They have five losses. Tomorrow they play Owasso, Bethel Park, Spring and Mt. Pocono, which is a tough day. They have to go at least 3-1 for any chance to make it, but even those scenarios require both James River and Spring to pick up a few losses.

Spring is tied for fourth place with three losses. They play White Cloud, Houston, Bothell #2 and Bellevue. With one loss, if James River wins all four games, Owasso goes 3-1, Bellevue and Bothell #1 go 3-1, they can still miss out on the Final Four.

James River is also tied. They play Bridgeville, Toccoa, Owasso and Bethel Park. Again, going 3-1, there is a possibility of not making it.

Next, three teams are tied with two losses. Bellevue plays Toccoa, Owasso, Bethel Park and Spring. Bothell’s first team plays Swedesboro, Bridgeville, Toccoa and Owasso. Each of these teams can absorb one loss and maybe two.

Returning champions Owasso have the toughest schedule, playing both Bothells, James River and Bellevue. They can also absorb a loss or two.

At this point, nothing is certain. All of the teams mentioned can still miss the top 4 if they lose enough games.

One thing that is relatively certain is that Abby Rogers will claim the individual title for a fourth year in a row. It’s not a mathematical certainty, but it would surprise me greatly if she doesn’t.