National Coaches' Newsletter – May 2016

Published: Apr 30, 2016 by James Lex

National Coaches' Newsletter – May 2016

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Regionals At A Glance

NORTHEAST: May 6-7, 2016 First A/G, Binghamton, New York
Coordinator: Elisa Napierala, [email protected]

SOUTHEAST: May 14, 2016 Evangel Temple, Jacksonville, Florida
Coordinator: Tim McDaniel, [email protected]

GREAT LAKES: May 13-14, 2016 Lakeview A/G, Indianapolis, Indiana
Coordinator: Julie Steel, [email protected]

GULF: May 7, 2016 Central Assembly of God, Springfield, Missouri
Coordinator: Dilla Dawson, [email protected]

NORTH CENTRAL: April 29-30, 2016 Summit Church, St. Paul, Minnesota
Coordinator: Don Jones, [email protected]

SOUTH CENTRAL: April 29-30, 2016 The Oaks Fellowship, Red Oak, Texas
Coordinator: Steve Fowler, [email protected]

NORTHWEST: April 29-30, 2016 Bellevue Neighborhood Church, Bellevue, WA
Coordinator: Ron Philips, [email protected]

SOUTHWEST: April 29-30, 2016 The Champion Center, Las Vegas, NV
Coordinator: Eric Lind, [email protected]