1965 National Finals

The 3rd National Bible Quiz Finals took place August 27-28, 1965 in Des Moines, Iowa covering the book of Mark. Russell J. Cox was the National Coordinator and Kermit Jeffrey was the official question writer.

The event was won by Calvary Full Gospel A/G, Inglewood, CA. The second place team was Fremont A/G, Fremont, NE.

The team from Calvary Full Gospel A/G, Inglewood, CA became the first team from a region other than the Southeast to win Nationals as teams from Georgia and North Carolina had won in 1963 and 1964. Teams from California would also win Nationals in 1969, 1989, 1993, 1999, 2002 and 2003 making it one of the two states with the most victories at National Finals with seven titles (Colorado won nationals in 1966, 1967, 1977, 2001, 2004, 2006 and 2007). Participants in the 1965 event included the first ever champions from 1963, Bouldercrest A/G, Atlanta, GA, and the second place team from 1964, East Gary A/G, East Gary, IN.

The third National Bible Quiz Finals was a single elimination tournament with the first place teams from the eight regions participating. The single elimination format was used for the first three years of the event. In addition, the championship match was again played in the evening in front of the General Council attendees.



The final team results from the 1965 National Bible Quiz Tournament are listed below. Results not listed are unknown.

# Team W L
1 Calvary Full Gospel A/G, Inglewood, CA* 3 0
2 Fremont A/G, Fremont, NE* 2 1
3 Central A/G, Fayetteville, AR 1 1
3 Broken Arrow A/G, Broken Arrow, OK 1 1
5 Bouldercrest A/G, Atlanta, GA 0 1
5 Herminston A/G, Herminston, OR 0 1
5 First A/G, Lonaconing, MD 0 1
5 East Gary A/G, East Gary, IN 0 1

* Won in playoff.


The third National Bible Quiz Tournament in 1965 did not announce the top quizzers. The tournament was single elimination meaning that the maximum number of quizzes a team could play was 3. Therefore, it is difficult to determine who was the top quizzer. In the final quiz for first place, Steve Sorensen of Calvary Full Gospel A/G, Inglewood, CA, who had been the top scorer on his team in the previous two rounds, was the top quizzer with 120 points as his team won the tournament.


Great Lakes Region

  • Church: East Gary A/G, East Gary, IN
  • Pastor: Denver L. Baker
  • Coach: Nancy Stamper
  • Team:
    • Jimmie Lee Timmons (Captain)
    • Barbara Ashley
    • Jeanne Ashley
    • Marie Handley
    • Cathy Scobey

Gulf Region

  • Church: Central A/G, Fayetteville, AR
  • Pastor: James Cheshier
  • Coach: Don Conduff
  • Team:
    • Ernie Conduff (Captain)
    • Cathy Cheshier
    • Jim Cheshier
    • Danny Dorman
    • Patti Dorman
    • Eddie Yerton

North Central Region

  • Church: Fremont A/G, Fremont, NE
  • Pastor: Leo Gaston
  • Coach: Mrs. Leo Gaston
  • Team:
    • Gary Garrett (Captain)
    • David Garrett
    • Gale Garrett
    • Paul Gaston
    • Wayne Parker

Northeast Region

  • Church: First A/G, Lonaconing, MD
  • Pastor: Charles E. Fussell
  • Coach: Mrs. Charles E. Fussell
  • Team:
    • Mary Ravenscrost (Captain)
    • Donna Kroll

Northwest Region

  • Church: Herminston A/G, Herminston, OR
  • Pastor: Wesley Bransford
  • Coach: Yvonne Wileman
  • Team:
    • Steven Bransford (Captain)
    • Martha Bransford
    • Margaret Goodwin
    • Steve Mills
    • Lillian Shaver
    • Marlene Thomas

South Central Region

  • Church: Broken Arrow A/G, Broken Arrow, OK
  • Pastor: James C. Dodd
  • Coach: Jimmy Bowles
  • Team:
    • David Holliday (Captain)
    • Jennifer Arnold
    • Karen Beckham
    • Paula Beckham
    • Peggy Bevard
    • Paula Compton

Southeast Region

  • Church: Bouldercrest A/G, Atlanta, GA
  • Pastor: Eugene Gustafson
  • Coach: Pat Cobb
  • Team:
    • Rusty Laurens (Captain)
    • Arnie Gustafson
    • Billy Hallman
    • Susan Parr
    • Angela White
    • Carol York

Southwest Region

  • Church: Calvary Full Gospel A/G, Inglewood, CA
  • Pastor: Marcus Gaston
  • Coach: Rick Ellis
  • Team:
    • Steve Sorensen (Captain)
    • Cheryl Calvert
    • Dave Field
    • Marc Gaston
    • Ann Sorensen
    • Stan Sorensen


Fayetteville vs. East Gary

Fayetteville vs. East Gary

Lonaconing vs. Fremont

Lonaconing vs. Fremont

Herminston vs. Broken Arrow

Herminston vs. Broken Arrow

Inglewood vs. Atlanta

Inglewood vs. Atlanta

Inglewood vs. Fremont

Inglewood vs. Fremont