1970 National Finals

The 8th National Bible Quiz Finals took place August 11-12, 1970 in Springfield, Missouri at Central Assembly of God covering the books of 1,2 Corinthians. George Edgerly was the official question writer.

The event was won by First A/G, Newton, IA (pictured).

While the complete list of participants, as well as the round by round schedule, is known, we do not possess any of the round by round information. Top scorer information is also unknown.



While we have nearly complete records of the participants and the schedule, we don’t have records of the results.

The 1st place winner from the 1970 National Bible Quiz Tournament was First A/G, Newton, IA. While we have complete records of the participants and the schedule, we don’t have records of the results.


Top scorers for the 1970 National Bible Quiz Finals are unknown.


Great Lakes Region

  • Church: First A/G, Wadsworth, OH
  • Pastor: John S. Palmer
  • Coach: Mrs. John Palmer
  • Team:
    • Ed Hartman
    • Larry Hartman
    • Sherry Hartman
    • Jim Palmer
    • John Palmer

Gulf Region

  • Church: Glad Tidings A/G, Lake Charles, LA
  • Pastor: Ray Hundley
  • Coach: Jimmy Derks
  • Team:
    • Carmen Assunto
    • Marsha Fisher
    • Connie Humphreys
    • Kirk McCool
    • Barbara Plaisance
    • Dawn Plumb

North Central Region

  • Church: First A/G, Newton, IA
  • Pastor: W.C. Hamilton
  • Coach: Gretta S
  • Team:
    • Kathy Hamilton
    • Joe Jorris
    • Eugene Kelsey
    • Becky Peterson
    • Pat Stevens
    • Rick Thompson

Northeast Region

  • Church: Centerville A/G, Centreville, VA
  • Pastor: T.W. Godfrey
  • Coaches: Joel Grizzle, Ann Grizzle
  • Team:
    • Sheila Hays
    • Marke Rawlings
    • Cathy Whorton
    • Jackie Whorton
    • Linda Whorton

Northwest Region

  • Church: First A/G, Spokane, WA
  • Pastor: N. Glen Rich
  • Coach: ?
  • Team:
    • Don Douglas
    • Bob Kuehl
    • Randy Mesler
    • Jake Reidt
    • Shelly Reidt
    • Sherry Reidt

South Central Region

  • Church: First A/G, Farmington, NM
  • Pastor: D.E. Stover
  • Coach: Mrs. Don Stover
  • Team:
    • Carrie Copeland
    • Betty Gonzales
    • Blair Overturf
    • Gwen Overturf
    • Alva Perry
    • Vernel Perry

Southeast Region

  • Church: Riverview A/G, Columbus, GA
  • Pastor: Raymond Wetzel, Sr.
  • Coach: Benjamin Prophitt
  • Team:
    • Dwayne Henson
    • Mike Henson
    • Wanda Hopkins
    • Sheila Prophitt
    • Deborah Richards
    • Teresa Richards

Southwest Region

  • Church: Full Gospel Chapel, Denver, CO
  • Pastor: Wallace Hickey
  • Coach: Leo R. Hammond
  • Team:
    • Sandy Alexander
    • Claudette Dacus
    • Rhett Dacus
    • Darlene Houk
    • Ken Summers