1972 National Finals

The 10th National Bible Quiz Finals took place in the summer of 1972 in Minneapolis, Minnesota covering the epistles of Romans and Galatians. H.H. “Spud” DeMent was the National Coordinator.

The event was won by The Stone Church, Palos Heights, IL (pictured).

The top scorer at the 1972 National Finals was Steve Decker of Palos Heights, IL. Steve’s son and daughter, Ryan and Cynthia would quiz for Minier, IL in the late 90’s..

We know nearly nothing about this event.



Aside from the top team, no final team results are known.


The top scorer at the 1972 National Finals was Steve Decker of Palos Heights, IL. No other information about the top scorers is known.


Stone Church, Palos Heights, IL

Great Lakes Region

  • Church: Stone Church, Palos Heights, IL
  • Pastor: Owen Carr
  • Coach: Phil Waisanen
  • Team:
    • Steve Decker
    • Lois Ephraim
    • Cheri Hartman
    • Mary Hong
    • Robert Hong
    • Angie Sennese

Gulf Region

  • Church: Frayser A/G, Memphis, TN
  • Pastor: Blan Stout
  • Coach: Mr. and Mrs. Glen Gifford
  • Team:
    • Danny Gifford
    • Maury Stout
    • Markie Mitchell
    • Connie Ray
    • Jere Williams
    • Faith Hedrick

North Central Region

  • Church: Calvary First A/G, Fort Madison, IA
  • Pastor: Richard Buck
  • Coach: Bill Miller
  • Team:
    • Brad Cowles
    • Tracy Wilson
    • Marcia Storms
    • Connie Storms
    • Melody Shaw
    • Barbie Patz
Centerville A/G, Centreville, VA

Northeast Region

  • Church: Centerville A/G, Centreville, VA
  • Pastor: William Mizelle
  • Coaches: Joel and Ann Grizzle
  • Team:
    • Mary Ann Chambers
    • Jackie Whorton
    • Tommy Winstead

Northwest Region

  • Church: A/G, Elgin, OR
  • Pastor: Billy R. Reeves
  • Coach: Mrs. Billy R. Reeves
  • Team:
    • Susan Belcher
    • Ivan Weller
    • Eddie Adams
    • Larry Grant
Bethel A/G, Arlington, TX

South Central Region

  • Church: Bethel A/G, Arlington, TX
  • Pastor: Charles E. Savage
  • Coach: Loyal Applegate
  • Team:
    • Darius Johnson
    • Elwyn Johnson
    • Debbie Harrelson
    • Donna Watson
    • Angela Pennington
    • Jeannette LeBlance

Southeast Region

  • Church: A/G Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA
  • Pastor: Jimmy Mayo, Sr.
  • Coach: Jeannie Mayo
  • Team:
    • Don Pope
    • Paul Horton
    • Eddie Garrett
    • Darice Teate
    • Kathy Black
    • Ron Boiter

Southwest Region

  • Church: Bethel First Church, Modesto, CA
  • Pastor: Theodore Ness
  • Coach: Ramon Talley
  • Team:
    • Don Pope
    • David Carpentier
    • Susan Miller
    • Margaret Drake
    • Cindy Johnson
    • Donna Hawkins
    • Joyce Bayes