2008 North Carolina District Finals

A Division


Team Total W L
Raleigh 680 3 0
Lexington 180 2 1
Burlington 175 1 2
Greensboro 45 0 3

Top Individuals

Quizzer Team Total
Rachel Dockery Raleigh A 330
Jeremy Taylor Raleigh A 210
Gabrielle Richmeier Lexington 185
Lacey Shankle Raleigh A 150
Nancy Munoz Burlington 140
Chris Smith Greensboro 40
Yessenia Munoz Burlington 35
Joey Wolter Greensboro 5

Novice Division

Since there was only one Novice team, they quizzed against the A Division teams over Novice question sets. The A division teams received no points when quizzing the Novice team, however the Novice quizzers were awarded the points they earned individually for those matches.

Top Individuals

Quizzer Team Total
Brian Coleman Raleigh Novice 145
Chris Shankle Raleigh Novice 30
James Apple Raleigh Novice 5
Cassie Johnson Raleigh Novice 0