2009 Nationals - Pictures

The Banquet


First Place Champ Team Owasso

Second Place Champ Team Bothell

Third Place Champ Team Orlando

Fourth Place Champ Team James River

Champ Individuals

First Place Challenger Team Menominee

Second Place Challenger Team Nyssa

Third Place Challenger Team Montgomery

Challenger Invidiuals


Boy-Girl Quiz

Blake Porter in the Boy-Girl Quiz

The Braeswood Team

Bryan Turner, the Rapper

Lorna Albanese, the Rapper




East-West Quiz 1

East-West Quiz 2

East-West Quiz 3

East-West Quiz 4

East-West Quiz 5

Abby Rogers in the East-West Quiz

Brandon Duffy in the East-West Quiz

Hannah Swanson in the East-West Quiz


Alyssa Batchelder and Chelsea Brookbank

Braden McCready plays Tenor Sax

Braden McCready Wears a Great T-Shirt

Brandon Duffy after the Senior Shoot-Out

Karan Bhargava after the Senior Shoot-Out

Brianna Riley

Briargate’s Goofy Picture–Jesus Anointed at Bethany

Briargate just after their team photo

Bristow, VA

Central Team

Central vs O’Fallon

Daniel Wagner and Jared Paige

The Braeswood Team says ‘Dazzling’

Emily Murray

Five Bible Quiz Girls

James Lex and Jared Paige

Jesse Wagner and Jared Paige

LaJoie Ward Preaching in the Morning Service

The Team from Lexington and their missing quizzer, Lucas Cox

Luke Wagner and Zach Brookbank

Luke Wagner

The O’Fallon Team

Owasso Studies in Between Matches

Ryan Albrecht

Tori Beye


Kari and Kristi Brodin

Don Jones

Doug Black

Eric Lind and Richard Fair

Greg House

John Porter

Karl Dawson and Josh Weber

Pastor Bernie

Paul Freitag, Chris Scarborough and Lorna Albanese

Richard Fair

Robert and Ginny Carter

Richie Nelson, April Pryor, Jed Gosnell and Amanda Pryor

Kate, Jason and Oliver Martin

Vicky Albrecht


Acworth vs Bellevue

Acworth vs Wesley Chapel

Bothell vs Binghamton

Bowling Green vs Swedesboro

Central vs Grand Island

Challenger Playoff

Individual Tournament Quarter Final

Individual Tournament Semi Final

Jenna-Jo Duffy Prays With the Wagners Before the Match

Individual Tournament Final

Overland Park vs Orlando

Santa Ana vs Braeswood

Shreveport vs Stone Church

West Plains vs Vancouver


A game of Apples to Apples

A Card Game after the banquet

A Catch Phrase Game

Daniel Lex

George Wood Preaches on Sunday Morning

Mitt Wyatt and a cup structure

Morning Service on Sunday

Oliver and Jason Martin

A Game of Risk after the Banquet

The Senior Shootout

Steve Fowler and Oliver Martin with Robert Carter in the background

Rappers from West Plains, MO