Drill: Analysis

One of the things my team needed to work on after our last league match was hitting basic analysis questions. To help us improve, I developed a simple but effective drill. Here’s how it works:

The basic idea is to repeat analysis-style questions over and over so quizzers learn to anticipate the hit. Recognizing the introductory remark combinations for analysis questions is an essential part of making quality hits. Because analysis questions by rule cannot be labeled Give a Complete Answer, quizzers should be aware that questions with multiple part answers are likely suspects for analysis questions, especially for 20s and 30s. Most often, the key word in these questions comes at the second word, so these can be hit on the first word.

So, to drill on this, we repeat this type of question 20-30 times. You might start by just asking basic chapter analysis in this format:

20 points. 5-Part Chapter Analysis Answer. From 1 Corinthians chapter 4. What questions are contained?

30 points. 8-Part Chapter Analysis Answer. From 1 Corinthians chapter 16. What individuals are named?

Repeat the style of question. If you have a hard time making these questions up on the fly, you might type up a list of them in advance to use in practice. As you move forward, you might also include questions from section analysis, book analysis, and verse analysis. The knowledge of these items is important, but this drill is as much about hitting in the correct place as it is about accuracy on the material.

I do about 50 of these in a row with my team at a time, but you probably want to start with 20 or so, and then work your way up from there. If you have any feedback or ideas on this drill, leave a comment.