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Published: Oct 23, 2023 by Admin has received a series of changes to better help coaches and coordinators prepare their teams for competition.

JBQ Content

Junior Bible Quiz (JBQ) registration has been active for several years on Now we have added upcoming event information, live stats, and JBQ Nationals history (going back to 2009.

To help JBQ teams navigate the site, we have added a dedicated section in the main navigation to gather all of the JBQ content together.

And we plan to add more JBQ information in the future!

Upcoming Events

The Registration site has been in use for years to help teams register and simplify collecting all the information for coordinators, including integrating with ScoreKeep. With the latest changes, it’s never been easier to find the stats and schedules for your events. Just visit the Upcoming and Live Event page for JBQ and TBQ.

Coordinators can include their events by following these instructions.

Ever wanted to see all the stats from a quizzer’s career in both JBQ and TBQ?

Thanks to the new Quizzer Search, it’s easy to search for any quizzer on and see their JBQ and/or TBQ results!

Go to the Quizzer Search page (available from the History page of either JBQ or TBQ). In the search bar at the top, type in the quizzer’s name and hit Search.

You’ll see a list of all history pages they’re named in.

This feature is still in beta and may have some issues with typos or multiple quizzers with the same name. If you spot an error, email [email protected].

TBQ History

60 years of Bible Quiz history has been restored to! Stats from invitationals, tournaments, District Finals, Regional Finals, and National Finals are now available to view.

If you have more historical information to add, email [email protected].

Coach’s App

Built by a coach and developer, CoachApp makes it easy for coaches to keep score, lookup answers, research data, see the rules, and get the online schedule for any registered competition on Free to download on the Apps page.


Many thanks to our Bible Quiz Technology Team headed up by Kevin Gallo and Michael Scott for creating new tools to organize events, follow matches, and relive history.