2024 National Finals - First Time

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Welcome to National Finals! We’re glad to have you celebrate a full week of studying and competing on God’s Word in Dallas, TX.

First, we highly recommend reading over the Frequently Asked Questions.

Second, if you have any questions, reach out to the National TBQ Coordinator—Pastor Bernie Elliot—at [email protected].

Here’s a quick view of what the worship, quizzing, and fellowship moments looked like at National Finals last year.

Best advice

We asked people in the official Facebook group, what is your best advice for teams experiencing Nationals for the first time? Here are a few of the top responses:

Be in the know with commincations….Facebook, Discord, etc. Meet as many people as possible and ask lots of questions. Walk away with many friends, enjoy every moment, and keep Jesus the main thing.

Be proud about making it to nationals and remember that this first time around is a lot of learning and having fun. Still do your best and meet your goals but having the expectation “we are here to learn”

Nationals is like one big reunion where we have new family members every year. Meeting new people and making friends is all about jumping in and asking to play or get to know someone.

Make new friends. This should actually start at league meets and invitational tournaments. You’ll make friends for life!

Enjoy every moment & don’t get too stressed.

Remember to have fun!

Try to plan at least one team outing off- premises. A lot of times nationals tend to be in big city or metro area. Get out there and see some of it.

Make new friends. Life’s too short to just sit in your hotel room.

Be prepared for all of the contesting.

Look for an experience with the Lord!

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